Close up rebar steel work reinforcement in the construction site.

We are one of the biggest companies in Algeria, We provide high quality of steel bars for our customers.

MSCS is one of the largest Steel Factory in Algeria. we provide high quality pf steel bars with different shapes and sizes

Laid Harada
CEO & Founder

To be a steadfast contributor to the growth and development of the Algerian market and extend our reach globally through the export of high-quality steel bars. We take pride in our current exports to several nations, and we are committed to expanding our footprint further.

Our dedication to providing superior steel products aligns with our goal of becoming a trusted international supplier. By combining innovation, sustainable practices, and a customer-centric approach, we aspire to be a valued partner for construction projects, manufacturing endeavors, and various industries around the world.

Our Vision is not just about delivering exceptional steel bars; it’s about building enduring partnerships, driving progress, and contributing to the success of our customers on a global scale.

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Clean Unpolluted

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Production 75%
Success 95%
Customer Satisfaction 97%
Utilizaion Rate 100%


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