A momentous occasion unfolded as our esteemed company welcomed the distinguished presence of the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, alongside the Governor of Setif, on a visit to our facilities. Guided by our visionary CEO and founder, Mr. Herrada Laid, the visit marked an insightful exploration into our company’s journey, from its humble beginnings to the challenges overcome in its early days. The Minister’s encouraging words resonated deeply as he acknowledged the resilience exhibited during our initial endeavors. Expressing unwavering support, he emphasized the vital role our company plays in the industrial landscape. With foresight and optimism, he addressed our expansion plans, affirming the government’s commitment to fostering growth in the sector. Mr. Herrada Laid, as the welcoming host, took pride in showcasing the strides we’ve made and shared our vision for a prosperous future. This visit not only affirmed our dedication to excellence but also reinforced the collaborative spirit between the public sector and private enterprises, driving our collective mission towards sustainable industrial progress in Setif, Algeria.