Participating in the inaugural National Forum for Environment, Renewable Energies, and Innovation held in Setif, Algeria for 3 days (From 30 January to february first) was a momentous occasion for MSCS. Our participation leaded by our talented Health and Safety Executive HSE ANIS BOURZAM. As advocates for sustainability and innovation, the forum provided us with a unique platform to showcase our commitment to environmental stewardship and the advancement of renewable energy solutions. Engaging in discussions with industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders, we not only shared our experiences but also gained valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations in the field. Our presence at this significant event underscores our dedication to contributing to the national dialogue on environmental issues and promoting forward-thinking solutions. We look forward to future collaborations and endeavors that align with our mission of driving positive change and fostering a sustainable future for our community and beyond.

Also, we took the occasion to introduce our company and give the opportunity to recrute some talented and experienced employees with us, MSCS is very happy to share with you its experience.

Photos from our participation in the event